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Jun 23

Dockerizing an Existing App

I have been playing with Docker for a bit now and have always started play apps with Docker enabled. I decided to Dockerize an existing app. Ok, so, Right-click on project, select Add, then Docker Support. Ok great, there’s my additional project in the solution for Docker-Compose. I then decide to start debugger with Docker …

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Sep 23

Try it Another Way

How many ways can you reverse a string? An issue exists where the remaining solution is the first one made that works. This is rarely the right way to write code. We write code to solve problems. Just because a method is written and works does not mean it was the best way to solve …

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Aug 07

Tulsa TechFest 2016

Had a great time at Tulsa TechFest 2016 this year. I gave two talks; “Converting Crap Code to a Better Design” and “A Look at the Plug-In Architecture”;  I had over 40 people in the converting crap code session. We went further than I planned and went into the next phase of the project and …

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