Jun 23

Resources for “Getting Started with Azure Kubernetes Service with .NET Core, Prometheus, and Grafana”


This is the best post I have found for getting started with containers and running them on Azure Container Services:
Run .NET Core 2 Docker images in Kubernetes using Azure Container Service and Azure Container Registry | Pascal Naber

When you have Kubernetes (K8s) up and running you’ll want to view the Kubernetes Dashboard. I have seen many tutorials on how to get it started and the link they mention never worked for me. So, I simply do

kubectl proxy

It starts a proxy connection between the cluster and your localhost.

The link to view the dashboard is http://localhost:8001/api/v1/namespaces/kube-system/services/kubernetes-dashboard/proxy/#!/overview?namespace=default.

But notice the version is V1. There will be a time when that link will need to be updated for a newer version.

Script to create a new resource group, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Azure Container Registry https://gist.github.com/seanw122/e7b43b543f2a44be767739ce3866237f


I have way too many so I’ll show one for now.
Pro C# 7


Play with Docker Classroom
eBook – Docker in Action 2nd Ed.
A Developer’s Guide To Docker – Docker Swarm | Okta Developer
Dockerize a .NET Core application | Docker Documentation
50+ Useful Docker Tools | Caylent
Interactive Browser Based Labs, Courses & Playgrounds | Katacoda
Running Docker containers on Bash on Windows – Jayway
Introduction to containers and Docker | Microsoft Docs


eBook – Kubernetes in Action
kubernetes/autoscaler: Autoscaling components for Kubernetes
brendandburns/k8s-playbooks: Some ansible playbooks for managing my k8s cluster(s)
Web UI (Dashboard) | Kubernetes
Watching auto-recovery
Azure: “Kubernetes the Easy Way” Managed Kubernetes on Azure AKS | E101 – YouTube
Kubernetes Co Founder Brendan Burns Orchestration is Becoming a Commodity – YouTube
Scaling Docker Containers using Kubernetes and Azure Container Service – Ben Hall – YouTube
Workloads – Kubernetes Dashboard
Ben Hall’s Blog – I don’t know darling, I’m doing my work
az acs kubernetes | Microsoft Docs
Introducing Play with Kubernetes – Docker Blog
Kubernetes Security: from Image Hygiene to Network Policies // Speaker Deck
Overview – Kubernetes Dashboard

Azure Container Services

Azure Region Availability
Azure Container Service – How to change your public key | Azure Container Service | Channel 9
Building Microservices with AKS and VSTS – Part 1 – Azure Development Community
Building Microservices with AKS and VSTS – Part 2 – Azure Development Community
Building Microservices with AKS and VSTS – Part 3 – Azure Development Community
A Closer Look at Microsoft Azure’s Managed Kubernetes Service – The New Stack
Introducing AKS (managed Kubernetes) and Azure Container Registry improvements | Blog | Microsoft Azure
SSH into Azure Container Service (AKS) cluster nodes | Microsoft Docs
Frequently asked questions for Azure Container Service | Microsoft Docs
Your very own private Docker registry for Kubernetes cluster on Azure (ACR)
Service principal for Azure Kubernetes cluster | Microsoft Docs
SSH keys on Windows for Kubernetes with Azure Container Service (ACS) | Pascal Naber
Setting up a Kubernetes cluster with Azure Container Service: Terraform, Azure Resource Manager, CLI
Manage Azure Kubernetes cluster with web UI | Microsoft Docs
Manage Azure Container Services cluster with web UI | Microsoft Docs


How to Setup Prometheus Monitoring On Kubernetes Cluster [Tutorial]
A monitoring solution for Docker hosts, containers and containerized services


Monitor Azure services and applications using Grafana | Microsoft Docs

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